What Santa Can Teach Small Business Owners (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part 1, you can still read this post now. The theme is simple for both posts: Santa Claus is a business owner, and there are lessons we can glean from him as small business owners.

Let’s jump back in!

He knows he can’t do it alone

Sure, Santa has his elves and reindeer, but the real reason he can run his workshop is Mrs. Claus.

Who else would make sure he doesn’t become a “skinny Santa,” if not her? Who else would make sure each elf and reindeer has plenty of food, cocoa, and proper lodging?

As a small business owner, you know you aren’t the only one to thank for your success. Maybe it’s a spouse, who has stood by your side since you started your business. Or maybe it’s a friend or family member. The point is to recognize that you had help.

Santa recognizes this about his success. That’s why Mrs. Claus is his best friend, a staple of his brand, and a beloved Christmas icon.

He maintains a positive working environment

The North Pole is pet-friendly, with reindeer and the occasional toothless yeti roaming the premises freely. There are also regular hot chocolate breaks for elves.

As good as all these benefits are, the most important aspect is the sense of joy that comes from working there. This is indicative by the Christmas carols you can hear the elves singing throughout their work shifts.

He isn’t afraid to think outside of the box

Traveling in a sleigh led by flying reindeer isn’t conventional, but it works for Santa’s brand. Likewise, going down a chimney instead of knocking at a door isn’t a common practice. But again, it works for his brand.

He gives folks a shot

As far as I can tell, Santa is the sole employer of elves. Granted, I’m not sure where he finds these elves, but the point remains that he is giving these folks a chance to build their careers.

You may not be able to hire many people, but, like Santa, you can use your best judgment and give new employees the chance to prove themselves.

He meets with his clients face-to-face

Depending on who you talk to, Santa either visits malls himself, or he has ambassadors represent him on his behalf. Either way, he’s hearing directly from his clients (children).

Face-to-face meetings are very important if you want to make a lasting impression on a client, whether you do so virtually or (preferably) in person.

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